sabato 12 luglio 2014


Every blues fan knows you have listen to the “old” to find something “new”. It is a precious rarity when the opposite is true and such is the case with Toots Lorraine and The Traffic. The band delivers a focused blend of classic vibe that will drench your soul with the vintage sounds of West Coast Jump Blues and Swing as you board the train for destination “way back” where everything is “Easy”. Toots and her sultry voice will take your ticket, let you on board and, as you roll down the tracks, the band will keep your glass filled with just the right measures of hollow body guitars, reverb tanks, upright basses, harmonicas, pianos and organs. And, you will swear to yourself, “I ain’t getting off this train”.This husband and wife team share the purest of love for the preservation of the blues. In their brand new album, Make It Easy, a phenomenal follow-up to their first, Toots Lorraine expertly layers her powerful yet velvety voice amongst the band’s vintage instrumentation and gut bucket grooves. Along with classic blues covers of Big Mama Thornton, Howlin’ Wolf and Big Joe Turner, you’ll also find gripping new originals with a huge story to tell. Always rooted in the blues, Toots Lorraine and the Traffic deliver a solid, energetic and scintillating performance.Toots brings with her a background of dance, theater and jazz to the rich yet simplistic purity of the blues, creating a vocal presence of powerful elegance. Her singing style is influenced by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Big Mama Thornton and many more. Whether singing original material or drawing from a large repertoire of classic blues and jazz standards, the charming and vivacious Toots tells her story with every note, satisfying listeners, dancers and good times.TOOTS LORRAINE


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