domenica 11 settembre 2016


The music of pianist and composer Ari Erev blends a deep classical touch, producing an intimate, delicate and emotional style which is inspired by pianists such as Bill Evans, Kenny Barron and Fred Hersch, with an energetic, latin-oriented and rhythmic drive, such as those found with pianists Michel Camilo and Michell Petrucciani, to produce a mature voice of his own.One is a stream of water that is directional and repetitive.
However, the repetitiveness is not even and comprises a wide variety of large and small streams, colliding, converging and splitting again. I see resemblance between Flow and Music. Similarly to a flow, music consists of numerous different streams that have the same general direction and – especially with improvisation – never exactly repeat themselves. Another meaning is a state of mind during which one is immersed in a continuous act of doing something, such as learning or creating, usually with great enjoyment and complete focus, without even noticing the passage of time. It is as if the time becomes suspended and the perception of reality is blurred by the unconscious. Some people may regard this as the embodiment of Happiness itself... I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced such emotions while composing and arranging some of the tunes for this album."Flow" is a personal and artistically-performed album which combines percussive Latin rhythms and rich harmonies of post-bop Jazz with gentle and expressive piano touch."excellent new material,... a remarkable performance from a gifted artist whose expressive playing style and clever compositions, elevate him as one of the finest pianists on the international jazz scene today."Edward Blanco, All About Jazz . ARI EREV

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