domenica 11 settembre 2016


Marcia Ball says: "Wow! I love this record! It’s funky and rambunctious and I was dancing from the first note. Soul music for the 21st Century. If you like Delbert and the Phantom Blues Band, you’ll love this “Hot Dish”. Tinsley Ellis says: The Jimmy's have mined pure R&B gold with "Hot Dish". From the opening hit of the Ray Charles influenced "Lose That Woman" to the sultry swagger of "Freight Train" , "Hot Dish" is a winner from top to bottom. Try to not dance when listening to "Funk Schway". It simply can't be done! And the Jimmy's are a great live act as well. Look for them on tour soon as they hit the road to support this album of great music. "Hot Dish" indeed! So deserving of this continent's attention! If you like keys (Jimmy), horn and great guitar (Perry Webber) this band is chock full of soul and boogie, get you some JImmy's, and I recommend starting with Wrecking Ball on this album. Then when you've downloaded this album and the earlier one, get on the website, find out where to catch these guys live esp at an outdoor fest all over Wisconsin and the surrounds,and you will have the best of great ear candy. Watch Jimmy pull in with his big red band wagon and the goose bumps start coming just thinking about how near you are to gettin that sound and watching Jimmy bounce those converse tennies and jump around. Thanks for this musical treat fellows! THE JIMMYS

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