sabato 23 gennaio 2016


An explosive and dynamic force of musical nature, Adventures in Bluesland began their journey as an acoustic trio put together in late 2013 by Phil Gammage (vocals, guitar, harmonica, songwriting) to promote and support his most recent solo album. Over the next few months new players were added to the mix and Gammage began to realize that the group had a remarkable chemistry that was something special. The name the group was using “Phil Gammage Trio” was dropped and they were soon renamed after the title of Phil’s solo album Adventures in Bluesland. Soon after that, the group began touring America’s East Coast while garnering significant fan support and critical praise.Adventures in Bluesland’s debut album is The American Dream. It features eleven songs: nine written by Gammage plus the band’s renditions of two early 20th century songs, Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “One Kind Favor” aka “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” and Geeshie Wiley’s “Last Kind Word Blues.” Since coming together, the group has created a sound that is built upon taking traditional roots music and playing it in their own unique style. Their music swings, it rocks, it boogies, and it conjures ghosts of our country’s past like no other music you’ve ever heard. It is about exploring what is at the heart of the American music experience.  ADVENTURES IN BLUESLAND

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