sabato 21 giugno 2014


Open Road is a band comprised entirely of lead singers, strong instrumentalists, daring soloists, and creative entertainers. Drummer Paul Pierce and saxophonist Kenneth Rice began working together in San Diego. As Motown, Soul and R&B performers, Kenny and Paul began the journey which has become Open Road.The addition of San Clemente Guitarist Buddy Mercer, son of Vaudevillian Bud Mercer, added an important element to Open Road; the ability to switch musical gears in an instant from soulful blues ballads to high energy rock and roll classics to George Benson-flavored jazz hitsHolding down the bottom on bass guitar is Tony Isabel. With his funky bass lines, clean, clear vocals and powerful stage presence “Anthony Wayne” is the driving force behind the grooves that have become signature Open Road favorites. Their second guitarist, Tommy Matranga, rounds out Open Road. Tommy grew up in the Pomona, California area and worked with the likes of Tommy Lee and Vince Neil of Motley Crue before directing his attention to his own original music projects. OPEN ROAD THE BAND

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