sabato 28 giugno 2014


North American singer/songwriter and guitarist Sally Station created Xumapaz as a melting pot for her own musical experiences and those of the musicians she has collaborated with in the US, Colombia, France and the UK. The resulting “global soul” is peppered with performances by a wonderfully eclectic group of musicians who wrap Station’s words and music in deliciously diverse grooves to sweetly penetrate the hearts and souls of listeners.The sparse solo and acoustic trio performances on UK-produced 6 Outta Sunderland were captured while Sally was writing and performing between Paris and London and the stateside recording Chicago Reel is a celebration of Sally’s return to the US after more than 10 years abroad. The songs on the latest CD, Xumapaz, recorded in Colombia where Sally has lived off and on since she was 16, feature Afro-Latin rhythms laid down by renowned Colombian percussionist and perennial Xumapaz collaborator Luis Pacheco and guest pianist/arranger Michel Haase. Other veteranos del sabor invited to the party include Cuban bassist Diego Valdés, Colombian vibraphonist Jorge Emilio Fadul and American jazz pianist Eugene Uman. The thread running through all of these productions, however, are the warm and direct lead vocals – whether in English, Spanish or French, and Sally’s unique and undeniably feminine point of view.Xumapaz has performed at the Jazz al Parque and Rock al Parque festivals in Colombia, at Miles of Music and Summer Fest in Chicago, at Glastonbury and the Fringe festivals in the UK and Printemps de Bourgs and l’Estival in France, as a 10-piece super-group and in solo and acoustic trio formations allowing for more intimate contact with the audience. XUMAPAZ

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