mercoledì 4 giugno 2014


Sam Rucker’s unique musical recipe is not just heard, but felt. This former hip-hop producer has developed a sound that is leaving a unique fingerprint on modern jazz. His new project, Tell You Something, is music for the soul. “Awesome... worth every penny of the ticket!" claimed one audience member after a recent Sam Rucker performance in Norfolk, Virginia –because Sam Rucker is using the saxophone to blow a breath of fresh air into contemporary jazz. On Tell You Something, Sam teams up with legendary producer Norman Connors, renowned pianist Bobby Lyle, sax great Euge Groove, Tom Browne, Alyson Williams, and a host of other great musicians. Tell You Something features three soulful covers and eight of Sam’s original songs that not only entertain but encourage as well. This is contemporary jazz music with a message. Even as an instrumentalist, Sam’s music speaks to the listener and conveys an infectious positive energy. “Sam Rucker has a genuine connection with the music and the audience. He plays with a passion that draws you in” – Norman Connors. As a saxophonist, Sam has performed with a multitude of renowned artists including Peter White, Euge Groove, Norman Connors, Cindy Bradley, Tom Browne, Ronnie Laws, Gerald Veasley, Phil Perry, Alyson Williams, and Ivan Neville. Playing with various groups, Sam has opened for Will Downing, Norman Brown, Eric Benet, Ben Tankard, Black Sheep, Candi Staton, Ron Kenoly and more; he can also boast of three winning solo performances at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Sam's talents are not limited to the saxophone. He has produced and written CDs for several artists, including gospel rapper Israel the Warrior, singer Tonya Smith-Williams and spoken word artists Slim and Blizz. Sam's first CD, entitled Heat from the Heavens, gives us an introduction to the formula of hip-hop grooves + jazz melodies + a splash of inspirational lyrics that so characterizes Sam as a player and person. The formula promises creativity and unique expression that will leave Sam Rucker’s imprint on contemporary jazz. SAM RUCKER

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